9 Crosby Street, New York City, NY
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La Scala started in 2016 in Fira, in a privileged location in the center of the Caldera.
It has an impressive, panoramic view of the Volcano, the Caldera, the endless deep blue of the Aegean and the breathtaking Santorini sunset.

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Seafood Wine Restaurant Sunset


Experience a magical sunset, with amazing views that La Scala offers.
Book our best table and enjoy your dinner with a bottle of wine, champagne or a cocktail with your loved one for a romantic sunset experience.


La Scala has been established, since the beginning of its operation, for the most delicious breakfasts, it offers in the Caldera.
Choose your table, sit down and enjoy the day, which starts uniquely in the Caldera, with the sun flooding it with light and colours.

Video Presentation

Discover La Scala, through an amazing video we made just for the visitors of our page!

La Scala Cafe - Creperie Gelato

Your day here can start with a coffee or a fresh juice, continue with a snack such as sweet or savory crepes, delicious pancakes, crispy waffles, milkshakes, or handmade Italian gelato.


Enjoy your favorite cocktail in the most beautiful view of the Caldera.
All hours of the day are perfect for a refreshing cocktail at La Scala.
But the sunset and the cosmopolitan night of Santorini are the perfect setting.
Trust our bartenders, to suggest you the cocktail that suits you and you will not regret it!


La Scala Map


La Scala Santorini Map